MJB Charitable Trust awards IYC £5000 for Peer Soup project

We’re delighted to announce that the MJB Charitable Trust has confirmed they are awarding us £5000 for our upcoming Peer Soup project.

The MJB Charitable Trust awards organisations and charities that work with young people grants for a variety of causes and we’re very pleased that they have given us the funds.

Our Peer Soup project aims to help young people (the majority aged 18-22) by providing advice, guidance, and support as well as a hot, nourishing meal – something they often desperately need.

The soup kitchen will be open roughly twice per week and there will be an emphasis on quality, in season ingredients to promote the benefits of healthy, home cooked meal.

For those young people who are street homeless we also aim to provide flasks of hot soup to provide them with some warmth and comfort during the night.

We hope to recruit some of our young people as volunteers to help make the food, offering them a chance to learn valuable life skills in addition to our usual services given by our trained staff and volunteers.

We’re currently in the stage of developing this project and would love to hear any thoughts you may have about how we can best serve our young people.

Watch this space!